Mos Eisley Underground (originally Mos Eisley Comic Port) began as the brainchild of host, writer, and die-hard Star Wars fangirl, Catrina Dennis. It originally took the form of a weekly podcast and has since spawned into a creative cloud of galactic awesomeness.

This blog hosts the latest in Star Wars fandom goodness, along with three podcasts — our own Mos Eisley Comic Port (for the latest in Star Wars comics), the Alderaanian Book Club (sporadically released with each new book), and Hangin’ with #TeamKanan (our Star Wars Rebels podcast)! With this site, we hope to bring you an honest, heartfelt view of what it means to be a Star Wars fan. Unabashedly obsessed character essays, reviews, and weekly columns are waiting for you now!

Got an idea for a great story? Pitch it our way!

Sit back, grab some caf, and enjoy flipping through the pages of our nice (mostly murder-free) little corner of Mos Eisley.

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